Kansas City Royals News: Eric Hosmer Comps And Kris Medlen Expectations


Catch up on the Kansas City Royals news and notes from over the weekend.

Fun Kansas City news and notes from this weekend include the interesting fact that the KC Royals and the Detroit Tigers have been trading places at the top of the American League all season. Neither team has had more than a game and a half lead over the other all season.

After finishing off the Tigers in the their final two game this weekend in Detroit, the Kansas City Royals have equaled that game and a half lead over the Tigers. Minnesota is just two and half games back of the AL Central leading Royals.

Eric Hosmer seems to be coming into his own so it now becomes fun to see who he might compare to historically. The KC  Royals need him to be great over the next couple of seasons, but if he is, he will price himself out of the Royals’ budget. Kind of a double edged sword.

Kris Medlen could be a great mid-season addition to the already fantastic bullpen for the KC Royals. When healthy, Medlen is a very good pitcher. Just how much of a contribution should fans look forward to?

Jeremy Guthrie has been wildly inconsistent for the Kansas City Royals this season, but they really need him to be better more often. If he can get in a groove, he could be one of the best fifth starters in the AL.

The KC Royals selected Foster Griffin in the first round in 2014. Griffin made his first start of the season for the Lexington Legends this weekend.

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"…which of these guys does Hosmer compare to, really? Well…maybe none of them. Or maybe all of them. They all got off to much faster and more consistent starts than Hosmer. We still really don’t know what Hosmer is, exactly."

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"Medlen has career 34-20 record with a sub-3.00 ERA in more than 500 innings. In his last 335 innings pitched, he owns a 277-70 K/BB ratio. He’s also had two elbow surgeries and only pitched more than 130 innings two times in the Majors."

KC Royals Jeremy Guthrie: The Rasputin Of The Rotation [Kings of Kauffman]

"Yet, every time it seems as though we are about to shovel dirt upon Guthrie and look for the next in line, he drags himself back from the dead."

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The Royals appear to be in a dog fight in the AL Central. Not only are the Royals and the Tigers prepped to go head-to-head all season, but the Twins have been terrific of late, going 12-4 over their past 16 outings, including their loss to the Indians on Sunday. The Royals will need to stay consistent all season if they are going to win the Central in 2015.

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