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The Kansas City Chiefs have the NFL Draft out of the way and can now focus on the next step, which is spring training and the workouts over the summer. An intriguing aspect to look at this off season is at the quarterback position. Obviously Alex Smith will be the starter, there’s no debating that, but it’s more interesting to look at the rest of the potential quarterbacks for the Chiefs in 2015.

The Chiefs did not draft any quarterbacks this year, but they have signed two undrafted free agents including Bo Wallace from Ole Miss and Louisiana Tech’s Cody Sokol. While it’s unlikely that either of these two make an immediate splash for the Chiefs, the team still has four other quarterbacks on their roster (that’s not including Smith) (Link courtesy of Chris Thorman of Arrowhead Pride).

 Many seemed to think Chase Daniel would be released or traded away due to the fact that he’s one of (if not THE) the most expensive backup quarterbacks in the league. Daniel is still currently on the team though and John Dorsey said before the free agency period began that he could afford to keep Daniel around, according to Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star. Dorsey did not specify though if Daniel would continue to be a Chief or not moving forward (this being back in February).

 Daniel will have a cap hit of $4.8 million this season, but the team must not feel comfortable handing the backup quarterback reigns off to any of the other guys just yet. To be fair, Daniel has proven himself to be a reliable backup, as he’s started twice in his two years with the Chiefs, and went 1-1 in those games (and in all honesty, should have been 2-0. Damn you Ryan Succop).

Why would the Kansas City Chiefs need both him and Pryor on the roster? They’re both solid backup quarterbacks, and the organization seems high on Aaron Murray, so what gives?

Speaking of the other guys, there’s Aaron Murray, who the Chiefs drafted in the fifth round in the 2014 NFL Draft. Murray was only active for one game last season, but the fans were really excited when he was drafted by the Chiefs. I went to the first preseason game last year and when Murray took the field, fans went ballistic. Kansas City loves this kid. Oh, and Dorsey did draft a Georgia wide receiver by the name of Chris Conley, who played with Murray for three seasons. Hmmm.

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There’s also Tyler Bray, who went undrafted after the 2013 NFL Draft. Bray dressed for the final game of his rookie season, but went on the injured reserve all last season after tearing his ACL. A lot suspected that move might have been so the Chiefs could keep him around and not have to make a decision with their quarterbacks.

Lastly, there’s Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the supplemental draft in 2011. He had quite a bit of starting time in 2013, but was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. He then signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs in January.

At the time, many saw this as writing on the walls for Chase Daniel’s time in Kansas City. Why would the Kansas City Chiefs need both him and Pryor on the roster? They’re both solid backup quarterbacks, and the organization seems high on Aaron Murray, so what gives?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the backup and third string quarterback carousel this off season. Chase Daniel has proved himself, but is definitely overpaid as a backup, Tyler Bray hasn’t done much in his two years in the pros, Aaron Murray hasn’t had much of a chance to prove himself, but is adored by the fans and the organization, and Terrelle Pryor is new to town and we haven’t seen him in action in a Chiefs uniform yet.

Also, don’t rule out the undrafted free agents that are slowly trickling in. There’s obviously a reason why the Kansas City Chiefs signed them. There could be more undrafted quarterbacks rolling into town soon as well.

What are your thoughts on the quarterback situation in Kansas City?

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