Kansas City Royals: Four Royals Given Suspensions


Everyone is aware of the all-out brawl that took place Thursday night on U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, as the Kansas City Royals took on the Chicago White Sox. Now the suspensions have been issued, according to MLB.com.

Here are the suspensions given out:

All of this likely carried over from Opening Day at Kauffman Stadium when Samardzija hit Cain with a pitch after Mike Moustakas hit a home run to put the Royals up 4-0. Cain got beaned immediately after and it was obvious that it was intentional, however, Samardzija remained in the game (he was getting booed also).

The Royals also saw themselves in drama when the Oakland Athletics came to town and Brett Lawrie slid hard into second base, injuring Alcides Escobar. Ventura retaliated, clocking Lawrie with a pitch the next day after struggling in his third start of the year. Ventura was immediately ejected.

The next day, Scott Kazmir hit Cain (once again) with a pitch and was not ejected, causing Kelvin Herrera to come in and throw a 100 MPH fastball behind Lawrie’s back. Herrera was kicked out on the spot, and initially received a five-game suspension (this looks like this is on top of his other suspension).

The Royals then traveled to Chicago where fans assumed things would get ugly. It seems things did indeed carry over to this affair, as Adam Eaton grounded to Ventura. He began saying things to Ventura, Ventura said some expletives, and it was on from there.

"“[Eaton] said something to me. I responded back to him,” he said. “It wasn’t my intention, but maybe he interpreted it from the way I fielded the ball. But it was a hard comebacker, kind of put me off-balance, at which point I took those steps that incited him and he responded back, clearly emotional. If there wasn’t the yelling between us, it would have resolved much more favorably, and not the way that it did.”– Ventura, courtesy of Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago"

Volquez threw several punches during this brawl, but it seemed that the main thing was between Cain and Samardzija. Cain has been quoted since saying, “I’m not a big fan”.

Royals fans shouldn’t be too surprised by any of these suspensions, although I do think seven games to Ventura who didn’t actually PUNCH anyone is a bit much. It is nice, however, to see two White Sox players get suspended as well. Sale deserved it just as much as Samardzija, as he went to the Royals Clubhouse after the game to fight Ventura, according to Andrew Ross of FanSided.com.

Hopefully things cool down from here. The Kansas City Royals really can’t afford to have anyone else suspended. For the time being, I imagine these players will likely appeal their suspensions.

"Unless appealed, all suspensions are scheduled to be effective on Sunday, when the Clubs are to continue their series in Chicago. If any player elects to appeal, then his suspension will be held in abeyance until the process is complete.– MLB.com"

The rest of Friday’s rain delayed game and Saturday’s normally scheduled game have both been postponed due to weather. Sunday’s 1:10 central time game is still on.

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