KC Royals Ranked 15th In ESPN Power Rankings


The KC Royals continue to not be respected by analysts. ESPN released their MLB Power Rankings on Monday, and the Royals were ranked 15th. It’s not surprising, as the team had a 29 year playoff drought, but an American League title should have merited them at least a spot in the top 10 in my opinion.

Here’s what ESPN had to say about their selection,

"The defending American League champs don’t seem to be getting much respect in the preseason predictions. Losing James Shields hurts and Kendrys Morales and Alex Rios were dubious free-agent signings. Once again, it will be relief pitching and defense carrying the team. — David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield)"

Kansas City Royals fans are use to constantly getting disrespected, but usually the disrespect is understandable. This was a team that hadn’t had much success in recent years. For the last two years, the KC Royals have had a winning record. Last season the team made it all the way to Game 7 of the World Series!

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Sure, power rankings don’t mean much, but it’s still upsetting to fans. It’s especially upsetting because ESPN put three other AL Central teams above the Royals. The Detroit Tigers are sixth, the Cleveland Indians at ninth, and the Chicago White Sox are ranked 13th.

The White Sox are the Royals’ opponent for opening day on Monday, and Royals fans would love nothing more than to start the season off with a win.

Yordano Ventura, fresh off his newly inked five-year deal, will take the mound for Kansas City against Jeff Samardzija of the White Sox. The Royals dodged a bullet, as Chris Sale can’t start on Monday due to a right foot injury.

Mark Townsend of Yahoo Sports considered Ventura to be the 20th best starter on opening day.

"Coming off a remarkable rookie season and an equally impressive postseason, Ventura is sitting pretty with a new five-year extension and an opening-day start. Ventura’s breakout was highlighted by his seven shutout innings in World Series Game 6. In a recent spring outing against Seattle, he tossed seven no-hit innings. He’s ready to roll."

Townsend did have nice things to say about Ventura, I guess he just thought the 19 other starting pitchers were better. It’s worth noting he ranked Samardzija 15th on that list.

Are you surprised to see the Kansas City Royals ranked as the 15th team in Power Rankings, or should an American League title have gotten the team more respect?

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