KC Chiefs: Best Games to Attend in 2014, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

November 16th will bring one of the most challenging games of the season for the KC Chiefs, as the reigning Super Bowl champ Seattle Seahawks roll into town. The Seahawks did Chiefs fans a favor in February by completely dominating the Broncos in the Super Bowl, but on this particular day they’re not going to be playing nice.

With a team led by 2012 third round draft pick Russell Wilson and smack talker Richard Sherman, this game will test the Chiefs in every way possible.

The Seahawks have a great football environment in Seattle, and the Chiefs are used to being just as loud. In fact, the Chiefs and Seahawks have frequently traded the world record back and forth for the loudest outdoor stadium. The Seahawks currently have hold of the record and I would love to see the Chiefs get it back in this game.

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The only way for the Chiefs to get the record back is to make this a competitive football game. If the Chiefs fall behind early, fans will not feel inclined to be as loud.

I personally would only really want to attend this game in the hopes that Kansas City could reclaim the world record. I was at the Raiders game last year when we nabbed the title and it was awesome! It would be magical to experience that again, but it’ll be against a tough team with a lot of potential for a Super Bowl repeat.

The cheapest tickets for this game I’ve found are around $45, which isn’t bad at all. The weather in mid November should be pretty chilly, but the good thing about living in the Midwest is that the weather is so bipolar. There was a game at Arrowhead in December a few years back that had nearly 70 degree weather.

To sum up, I would consider attending this game for the chance at getting the record back and watching two good football teams duke it out. I still think I’d attend the Jets game though, as it seems like a better game for the Chiefs to pull out a W.