Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Throughout The Years, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

3. Matt Cassel (Chiefs QB from 2009-2012)

Oooh boy. Here come the pitchforks. Hear me out first, okay?

Matt Cassel was basically run out of Kansas City by Chiefs fans after his horrible play in 2012. The reason I have him ranked so high is because he had an incredible 2010 season and led Kansas City to an AFC West division title, something that the Chiefs don’t accomplish very often.

Cassel’s first year in Kansas City was forgettable, but he came back swinging in 2010. He threw for 3,116 yards, 27 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. 27 touchdowns!

When Cassel couldn’t play in one game due to medical reasons, the affect on the team showed big time. Yes, Brodie Croyle was starting that game, but the Chiefs couldn’t do anything on the field and it was embarrassing. When Cassel returned the next week, he showed what he meant to Kansas City and we loved him for it… for a little bit anyway.

Cassel led the Chiefs to a 10-6 record (technically 10-5) and the AFC West title. The Chiefs hosted their first playoff game since 2003 and ended up losing to the Baltimore Ravens, but it was still a thrill for this city.

That was about where the joy ended with Cassel. The next year he went 4-5 as a starter before being placed on injured reserve and in 2012… Well, we all know what happened. Cassel wasn’t popular here and Chiefs fans wanted him to know that.

Cassel finished his Chiefs career with a total of 9,549 passing yards, 59 touchdowns, and 44 interceptions. He had 558 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown.

I know it sounds crazy that I have him this high, but he accomplished a lot in that one magical season. I still like Matt Cassel, but I understand why the Chiefs parted ways with him.