Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Throughout The Years, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

2. Alex Smith (Chiefs QB from 2013-present)

Maybe it’s unfair to even have Alex Smith on this countdown at all since he’s only been in Kansas City for a year, but I think he deserves a high spot on this countdown so I gave him a high spot on this countdown.

Smith had the best season of his career with the Chiefs in 2013. He threw for 3,313 yards, 23 touchdowns and 7 interceptions (just pointing out that he had fewer touchdown passes than Matt Cassel, but I digress) and gained a lot of yards with his legs too. Smith rushed for 431 yards and one touchdown. He was a beast for the Chiefs and it’s hard to say they would have had that much success had he not been the quarterback in Kansas City.

Smith couldn’t bring home a playoff victory, but he really didn’t have anyone to throw to since half of the team was out with injuries. He still showed his skills though and that gives me confidence in him for next season.

The future is bright for Alex Smith and whether or not he stays in Kansas City after 2014, he’ll always be remembered for turning the Chiefs around in 2013.