Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Throughout The Years, Part 2

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4. Kyle Orton (Chiefs QB in 2011)

The year was 2011. Matt Cassel was lost for the season and Tyler Palko was… Well, Tyler Palko. The Chiefs needed a savior and that savior was Kyle Orton.

Orton had been the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos earlier on in 2011, but was eventually benched for Tim Tebow (haha remember that?). The Broncos waived Orton in November of 2011 and the Chiefs scooped him up. It was big news.

Orton came into a game for Palko against the Bears, but was injured on the first play and didn’t see the field for awhile afterwards. A few weeks later, he was named the starter against the Green Bay Packers and ended up leading Kansas City to the biggest upset of the season. The Packers had been undefeated up until that point and the Chiefs were the only team who handed them a loss in the regular season. Thanks Kyle!

Orton ended up with a 2-1 record during his short time in Kansas City. I think he could have done well as a Chief, but the next season he signed with the Cowboys.

People might not agree with me having Kyle Orton this high, but he was one of the tough cases of not playing in KC very long. When he did play, he looked good and I would honestly say he’s one of the better quarterbacks we’ve had over the years. Maybe if Orton had stuck around then 2012’s abomination of a season could have been avoided. I guess we’ll never know.