Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce should be in the MVP conversation

Travis Kelce is having a crazy good season for the Kansas City Chiefs and should be in the MVP discussions.

Nine games into the 2020 season and Travis Kelce is once again showing why he’s the best tight end in the NFL. He continues to make the Kansas City Chiefs‘ offense one of the scariest in the league and without him, the offense would drop off dramatically.

When it comes to the MVP award, everyone knows that more often than not, a quarterback is going to win it. The last time a position other than quarterback won was in 2012 when Adrian Peterson was named the league MVP after rushing for over 2,000 yards. That was the kind of effort it took for the league to give MVP to a running back.

Knowing this, the chances of Travis Kelce even being considered for the 2020 NFL MVP is slim to none. A tight end has never been named league MVP. The reason for this is likely because if the tight end had a crazy season with big numbers, then the quarterback probably did too.

My argument for this is the Chiefs teams of the 2000s. Tony Gonzalez continued to put up incredible stats despite having nobodies throwing to him. If any tight end deserved to win an MVP, Gonzalez did, but he played for lousy teams so that hurt him.

That isn’t the case with Kelce. He’s on an 8-1 team who look to be the AFC frontrunners (despite not holding the No. 1 seed) and he’s a big reason why the Chiefs are in that position.

Travis Kelce has 769 yards and six touchdowns in the Kansas City Chiefs’ first nine games.

That might not seem like much, but we’re just nine games into the season. When it’s all said and done, Kelce is all in likelihood finishing the season with over 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns once again. It’d be his fifth straight season with 1,000+ yards receiving and his second with double digit trips into the end zone.

I know the idea of a tight end winning MVP is farfetched and I’m well aware that this won’t happen. Patrick Mahomes is squarely in the MVP hunt (as he should be), but sometimes it feels like the NFL and even Chiefs fans don’t fully appreciate Travis Kelce and just how good he is.

When the 2020 NFL season is over, it’s nearly a given that a quarterback wins MVP for the eighth straight year, but it would be a nice change of pace if the league would look into other positions. Travis Kelce definitely deserves to be in that conversation.