KC Chiefs: Byron Pringle needs more snaps in the offense

The KC Chiefs beat the Bills and the 37-yard catch made by Byron Pringle was a big reason as to why.

This scenario seems very familiar for the Kansas City Chiefs. Byron Pringle made a clutch catch to help seal the game, just as he did last year against the Detroit Lions. It seems that whenever Byron is on the field he makes plays, whether it is on offense or being solid on special teams.

Pringle shows how dynamic of a receiver he can be. The problem he has faced in his career is the fact that the Chiefs have had a lot of receiver talent and he has not gotten his shot, outside of the Colts game last year where he really went off in primetime.

Against the Bills, Pringle only had 28 offensive snaps, which is 38% of all the offensive snaps, and he had two catches for 46 yards. That is an average stat line for a third or fourth receiver, but he had the game-sealing catch to help the Chiefs make it a two-score lead. With all of this, Pringle has earned some more snaps in the Chiefs offense.

Pringle may not be as athletically gifted as say Demarcus Robinson, but he is a very hard worker who is looking to prove he is an NFL caliber receiver. He has good hands, is a good blocker, is decent in route running, and is pretty good after the catch. The only thing he has over Robinson is the hands and blocking, as Robinson has struggled a little bit this year, but he showed up against the Bills.

Even with Robinson’s good game, he had five catches for 69 yards. Pringle was the third best receiver in that game for the Chiefs, second best receiver if I do not add Travis Kelce to the mix. Pringle stepped up in a game where Tyreek Hill was mostly shut down and he made a great catch in a situation where if the Chiefs do not get the first down, they might lose. The Bills would have had over four minutes to get down the field and take the lead.

If Pringle gets more chances on offense, fans could see another dynamic receiver that could open up the offense even more, especially if the Chiefs can run the ball as they did against the Bills. Now I am not saying Pringle would put up 100+ yards a game, but whenever he is on the field for the offense, he tends to make something out of nothing.

Another factor in this is that his teammates seem to like him and admire his work ethic. That goes a long way in any sport as it shows you care a lot about the team’s success and it shows you are willing to get better. Patrick Mahomes explains this in a post-game interview and even states that Pringle was not even a read in that play.

Even with a mediocre stat line, Pringle has a shot at the WR3/4 spot if both Robinson and Mecole Hardman continue to struggle. With maybe 40-50% of the offensive snaps, Pringle could be the missing part of the puzzle for the Chiefs offense.

The KC Chiefs need to get Pringle out on the field as much as possible, as he is a very talented receiver who is better than Robinson. Even if he does not get more snaps, whenever Pringle is on the field he will make a key play that will help the Chiefs win, whether it is run blocking or being a decoy for other players to get open.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are now 5-1 on the season and showed that they are still the team at the top of the AFC and Byron Pringle definitely played a huge part in that.