Firing Andy Reid would be asinine decision by Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs lost a disappointing game on Sunday, but firing Andy Reid would be one of the dumbest things the organization has ever done.

Whether or not fans are serious about relieving Andy Reid of his duties or just downright angry about the embarrassing loss on Sunday, there’s no reason for the Kansas City Chiefs to seriously consider firing Reid.

First, let’s get the obvious part out of the way. Who is out there who is a better option than Reid? Look around at all of the struggling teams who have faltered due to not being able to find a reliable head coach. The Chiefs have been there before and it wasn’t until Reid came to town in 2013 that they finally found stability at the head coach spot.

Second, the Chiefs have been relevant every year that Andy Reid has been the head coach in Kansas City. He took a 2-14 team in 2012, the worst team in the league that year mind you, and turned them around in less than a year. They went 11-5 and made the playoffs in Reid’s first year.

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Kansas City has made the playoffs in all but one year since Reid took over and they’ve had a winning record EVERY year. Teams would KILL for that kind of success and Chiefs fans are taking it for granted.

Reid has his flaws, I get it. Time management is not his friend and he gets too cute for his own good sometimes when it comes to play calling, especially in crucial moments. It’s frustrating and I totally understand the irritation directed toward him after the loss to the Titans.

All of that being said, it would have been easy for the Chiefs to have crumpled after Patrick Mahomes had to miss time due to an injury. Reid being the coach of this team saved their season because he dialed up game plans that fit Matt Moore‘s skill set and that kept the Chiefs afloat while Mahomes was out.

Think of it this way; If the Kansas City Chiefs were to fire Andy Reid, how many teams would be on the phone trying to hire him to be their head coach? The answer is A LOT! If that’s the case and there isn’t anyone out there that’s better than Reid, why throw him out the door?

The goal was to reach a Super Bowl this year and the Chiefs will likely fall short of that, but without Reid, Mahomes isn’t the quarterback that he is and that’s the whole reason a Super Bowl appearance felt like it was on the table this year in the first place.

I understand the frustrations of the dumb decisions in crunch time, but face it Chiefs Kingdom; Andy Reid is one of the best head coaches in franchise history. If the front office let him go, this team would sink back into irrelevancy very quickly.