Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce is who he is

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There is no middle ground with Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Along with the big plays, you get the big personality and the big penalties. Best get used to it.

If you were buying into Travis Kelce becoming more of a mature leader for the Kansas City Chiefs this season, you probably feel pretty foolish right now. Kelce did what Kelce does this past week. The star tight end scored a huge touchdown for the Chiefs, and he also earned a 15-yard penalty for taunting.

At this point, you have to expect both things to happen. Travis Kelce is a big play machine who can rip defenses to shreds. He’s also a big personality who loves to show off and talk trash. There is no middle ground with Kelce, and that might be the best thing for the Chiefs. As long as he produces big plays, the big penalties are a bit more tolerable.

Of course, there are many fans who disagree. My twitter feed, text messages, and emails are loaded with people complaining about the superstar tight end’s antics. From those who are frustrated by penalties, to the people that don’t like his dancing, and even some who just hated his reality dating show. Travis Kelce has his detractors.

The Chiefs Have Accepted This

There was a cutout to the Kansas City Chiefs sideline yesterday where we saw Andy Reid laying into Travis Kelce about his 15-yard penalty. A lot of people on twitter seemed to think that this was Reid laying down the law and taking a stand. I don’t really think that’s the case at all.

“I think any type of trash talk can get inside my brother’s head.” ~ Jason Kelce on his brother, Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

Sure, Andy Reid was upset about the penalty and was giving Travis Kelce the appropriate tongue lashing. However, I think you are sorely mistaken if you believe this is a sign of things changing. The Chiefs have already shown Kelce that they are willing to accept his antics. He’s got the signed contract to prove it.

The Kansas City front office knew who Travis Kelce was when they drafted him. There weren’t any surprises there. The Chiefs leadership certainly knew who he was this past offseason when they signed him to a contract extension. No caveats. No contract terms. KC has accepted Kelce for who he is.

There Will Be More To Come

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Kansas City Chiefs fans need to brace themselves for more of the same as the season goes. Eagles center Jason Kelce (Travis Kelce’s brother) laid it out there for everyone. He told the Philadelphia media: “I think any type of trash talk can get inside my brother’s head.”

There is no doubt that this is a true statement. If we have seen anything from Travis Kelce so far, it is that he responds to any type of trash talk. Sometimes that’s with a big play where he can put it back in someone’s face. Other times it’s a stupid penalty for talking too much or getting physical outside of the play.

Let’s not forget that Travis Kelce is the same guy who threw a flag on an official. If the refs can get that far under your skin, there simply is no fixing it. Kelce is going to be who he is. For better or worse, that is an emotional juggernaut. The Chiefs just have to make sure that works out in their favor more than against it.

Travis Kelce may very well be the best tight end in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs certainly appreciate his big play efforts on the field. As long as he keeps putting up big numbers for the Chiefs, then we will have to put up with the big personality. That might rub some folks the wrong way, but Kelce is here to stay.