KU Football: Good, Bad, Ugly Vs Central Michigan Chippewas

(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)
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KU Football (Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)
KU Football (Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images) /

KU football suffered their first loss of the 2017 season when the Central Michigan Chippewas rolled into Lawrence and took down the Jayhawks. KU lost 45-27 in a game that was winnable for the Jayhawks.

Perhaps it wasn’t bright of me to have faith in the Kansas Jayhawks in this game, but I had faith that they could take down Central Michigan. Instead, the Jayhawks allowed Central Michigan to run amuck in Lawrence and the result wasn’t pretty.

Kansas took the lead in the first quarter, but wouldn’t lead again for the rest of the game, as the Chippewas had 24 point second quarter and never let their foot off the gas. The Jayhawks defense looked good in the first quarter, holding Central Michigan scoreless, but in the end, the Chippewas played the better game in Lawrence.

With the loss, we’ll get right into the first good, bad, and ugly for the Jayhawks for the 2017 season.


This wouldn’t have had to be listed here if the Jayhawks had done their job on third down. Instead, KU only converted five times out of their 18 third down attempts, which is simply unacceptable.

On the five times that Kansas went for it on fourth down, they converted four times. Those conversions kept KU in the game and prevented them from getting blown out in this one.

Will this fourth down efficiency stay top notch as the season goes along? Who knows? All I know is that as of this weekend, it was one of the bright spots for the Kansas Jayhawks.