Kansas City Royals: Current lack of offense glimpse into near future

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The Kansas City Royals have been shutout in their last four games and haven’t scored a run in 43 straight innings. The Royals have looked really bad, but perhaps the fanbase should be getting used to this style of play.

People my age grew up with some really bad Kansas City Royals teams. There were the three teams that lost 100 games in a season. Oh, and don’t forget about Yuniesky Betancourt and those dreadful defenses year in and year out.

With that said, however, what’s going on right now with the Royals is even more embarrassing. The 2017 Kansas City Royals haven’t scored a run since the second inning in Thursday afternoon’s game when Brandon Moss hit a home run to make it a 2-0 game. The team would go on to lose that game, but fans weren’t too mad since the Royals won the series over the likely playoff-bound Colorado Rockies.

No one knew then that the Royals would go 43 innings without scoring a run. They were shut out completely during the Royals’ trip to Cleveland and were also shut out by the Rays on Monday night. The streak for all-time innings without scoring a run was 48 by the 1968 Chicago Cubs, according to a tweet from Rustin Dodd.

Since their last run, the Kansas City Royals have lost games 4-0 twice and 12-0 twice. The whole team is horrendous right now and it’s painful to watch this slump and watch the playoffs slowly slip out of the Royals’ grasp.

How can a team win a playoff game if they can’t get guys on base and score runs?

I know it sounds dramatic, but this really is like a glimpse into the future for this organization. Guys like Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas are going to be long gone, as the Royals won’t be able to sign them to long-term deals. Even if they could, those guys will want to go play for a contender.

Instead, Kansas City will be sitting with their ugly contracts they gave to Alex Gordon and Ian Kennedy and hoping that trade pieces Jorge Soler and Nate Karns can piece it together. With the farm system depleted, it’ll be a rough go of it these next few years.

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Even in the darkest days for the Royals, the teams never went this long without scoring. It’s gotten to the point where some of them look like they’ve quit, some are purely in it for themselves, and others are trying way too hard to make something happen.

While the Royals only sit two games under .500, does anyone see this team making a strong push if they did happen to make it into the postseason? I sure don’t. How can a team win a playoff game if they can’t get guys on base and score runs? You have to score runs in order to win games and the Royals can’t do that. They haven’t done it in 43 innings.

So, I’ll jokingly ask this: Will the Kansas City Royals ever score a run again? Or will they go on to hold the record for most scoreless innings ever by an MLB franchise? Only time will tell.