Kansas City Royals: Five coolest nicknames for Players Weekend

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The Kansas City Royals got to participate in Player’s Weekend in Major League Baseball this weekend and as a result, got to put nicknames on their back of their jerseys. Who had the coolest nicknames for the Royals?

Back in 2001, the XFL (“The X stands for XTreme!”) was up and running and one of the more interesting facets of their game was that they allowed the players to show their personalities on the field by putting nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Of course, all we remember from the XFL is “He Hate Me”, but that goes to show you how intriguing that whole thing was.

Major League Baseball decided to have their first Player’s Weekend this year and allowed every guy in the league to put a nickname on the back of his jersey for the weekend. Each team also will be wearing Little League style jerseys and hats, which is pretty cool.

I went through all of the nicknames that the Kansas City Royals had for their jerseys and picked out the five coolest. Here they are!


Kansas City loves Mike Moustakas. In fact, every time Moustakas does something interesting, he’s greeted with what we all refer to as “Moose calls”. As a result, Moustakas’ nickname for the weekend is Moose.

I’ll be honest here. If Moustakas re-signs with the Royals this offseason, I’ll likely buy one of those Moose jerseys. We all know Mike Moustakas as Moose so having a jersey that says Moose is a dream come true for Royals fans.

Back when Moustakas was struggling in 2014, it was hard to tell at times if people were chanting “Moose” or booing him when he’d come up to bat. I’d like to think I was still hearing moose calls then, but people can be cruel sometimes.

While this might not be a funny nickname and was expected from Moustakas, it’s still one of my favorite nicknames from the weekend.