Kansas City Chiefs: Spencer Ware could miss time in regular season

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t even playing games that count yet and have already lost a player to injury. Running back Spencer Ware will miss time after hurting himself in the third preseason game.

Kansas City Chiefs fans were terrified when Spencer Ware went down in Seattle on what looked like a non-contact injury. Injuries are never good, but non-contact injuries are some of the worst in any sports.

The immediate fear was that Ware could have torn his ACL, which would have meant his 2017 season was over. Ian Rapoport tweeted out on Saturday night, however, that Ware damaged his LCL and PCL and is going to miss time as a result.

Rapoport did say that more information is on the way, but this isn’t good news for the Chiefs, as they have a big game coming up in just over a week against the Patriots. Ware was supposed to be their starting running back and now it’s likely that rookie Kareem Hunt will get those reps instead.

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While Hunt “stealing” the job was bound to happen this season anyway, no one wanted to see it happen like this. Fans wanted Hunt to win the job by his performance on the field, not by Ware getting injured.

Last season it was a struggle for the Kansas City Chiefs to run the football and it was something that needed to improve in 2017. Now with Ware potentially out for quite some time, it could be pretty easy for opposing teams to game plan against the Chiefs.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that any news in the next few days about Ware is positive. Seeing this tweet made me feel a little bit better, but the truth is that none of us really know what’s really happening until the word is out there.

If the above tweet is indeed true, then Ware would miss the last preseason game (in which he likely wouldn’t be appearing in at all anyway) and the first three regular season games. Those, by the way, are against the Patriots (on the road), the Eagles (at Arrowhead), and the Chargers (on the road).

Ware would then return for week four’s Monday Night Football match-up against the Washington Redskins. That’d be a game in which having Ware on the field healthy and ready to go would be crucial.

Whenever injuries like this occur, everyone on Twitter tries to become a doctor and “assess” what’s going on. I’ll wait for the people in the know to alert me on what is going on with Spencer Ware, but it sure sounds like this injury could have been a whole lot worse. For a team that’s wanting to contend for a Super Bowl this year, that’s big.