Fantasy Football: Top 15 Quarterbacks to Target in 2017

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Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Target in 2017 – Number 6: ANDREW LUCK

2016 Ranking: 4th

Despite missing a game last season, Andrew Luck was still one of the best quarterbacks to have in fantasy football because he loves to throw the ball. Luck passed for 4,240 yards a season ago with 31 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Still a solid option at the QB spot for sure.

With this season, however, Luck is going to be avoided more than normal due to him potentially missing the beginning of the season due to surgery he had in the offseason. Luck would probably be in my top five were it not for this situation.

Even with Luck potentially on the bench in the season opener, I’d still recommend targeting him high, especially now that everyone won’t be doing just that. Dave Richard of CBS Sports wrote that he was able to land Luck with the 97th pick in his fantasy draft and he felt it was risky, but feels like the reward outweighs the risk.

The Colts haven’t brought on another quarterback, meaning they must believe in Andrew Luck’s ability to lead the offense in the early games this year. With that said, however, I understand it’s easier said than done.

If you decide to go for Andrew Luck in the early round, make sure you get a solid backup because that guy could be your starter for the first few weeks of the regular season. If, however, Luck plays and you decided to be risky in drafting him, congrats! You should end up being quite content with the results.