Kansas City Royals: Mike Moustakas making his mark

Kansas City Royals 3B Mike Moustakas. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Kansas City Royals 3B Mike Moustakas. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Royals slugger isn’t just chasing the team’s single-season home run mark. He’s also challenging for the lead in the American League this year.

Early on this year, it became clear that Mike Moustakas was likely to make Kansas City Royals history. Moustakas instantly jumped on a torrid pace to break the Royals all-time single-season home run mark. However, that’s not the only notable goal within his grasp this year as he is also challenging Aaron Judge for the American League home run lead.

After last night’s games, Mike Moustakas with 34 home runs sits just two behind Aaron Judge at 36. There has never been a Royals hitter to lead the American League in home runs. So with Moustakas just one behind Judge, Kansas City fans have another reason to be excited right now.

As the Royals continue to push for a spot in the postseason, we can expect to see much more from Mike Moustakas. His two home run game against the White Sox the other night may have helped end what had been a very bad skid. Hopefully his power comes back in full force down the final stretch of the season.

Can He Get The League Lead?

While Aaron Judge is still in the sights of Mike Moustakas, it may be a bit much for him to lead all of baseball this year. Giancarlo Stanton still has a significant lead, having already reached the 43 home run mark. I don’t doubt that Moustakas could reach 43 home runs this year, but getting ahead of Stanton seems improbable at this point.

Of course, nothing is impossible and Mike Moustakas might go on a tear here. That would still require Giancarlo Stanton to go into a bit of a slump, but stranger things have happened. Still, even if Moustakas can’t lead all of baseball, he will still be doing something that’s never been done in Royals history.

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Team Record In His Sights

Of course, the big mark for Kansas City Royals fans is still Steve Balboni‘s team record from 1985 at 36. That’s a mark that Mike Moustakas could end up catching any day now. It’s an exciting moment for Kansas City fans because this is not a team with a deep history of long ball hitters.

Already, Mike Moustakas has climbed into a tie for third with Danny Tartabull, John Mayberry, and Dean Palmer. Third place with 44 games left to play? I like Moose’s odds of getting to the top of this Royals list.

It has already been a great season for Mike Moustakas this year. However, with a shot at Kansas City Royals history, you can bet that he isn’t done yet. It’s going to be a fun time down the stretch to see just where Moustakas can set the team’s new mark. At the same time, we’ll watch him race with Aaron Judge for AL dominance.