Kansas City Chiefs: Watching Patrick Mahomes was a fun experience

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Chiefs fans finally got to see their first round rookie quarterback in action on Friday night as the Chiefs took on the 49ers in their first preseason game of the year. It was quite the exciting experience.

Growing up as a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, I was forced to watch the likes of Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, and Tyler Thigpen take snaps at the quarterback position. None of these guys were franchise quarterbacks… In fact, none of these guys should have even been starting quarterbacks.

For years, all I wanted from my favorite football team was to see them draft a quarterback in the first round. If it didn’t work out for the guy in Kansas City, then oh well… At least the Chiefs made an effort at drafting the quarterback of the future. They could always try again in a few years, but an effort was never even made.

In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs finally went for their franchise quarterback when they traded up 17 spots to select Texas Tech standout Patrick Mahomes. While a lot of Chiefs Kingdom was expecting the team to go with Deshaun Watson, none of us really cared when Mahomes’ name was called instead. This was a whole new experience for all of us!

With the Chiefs being at home for their first preseason game of the year, I knew I wanted to be in attendance when Patrick Mahomes took the field for the first time as a member of the organization. Seeing him in that Chiefs uniform and making real NFL throws was going to be a special moment.

As the game began and Alex Smith led the first team offense down the field for a touchdown, the excitement to watch Mahomes play increased. Smith was pulled after the successful drive and in came Tyler Bray.

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I’ll say this… If the backup quarterback job was being decided after just one preseason game, then Mahomes would have easily won it because Bray did not look good. I won’t be shocked if Mahomes wins the backup job and Bray is cut. It’d be a long time coming.

Mahomes finally took over on offense at the end of the second quarter and looked pretty dang good! His first pass went for 41 yards down the field to Demarcus Robinson. Unfortunately, a holding call negated the play, but man was that pass beautiful! The fans in the stands were going crazy!

Patrick Mahomes ended up going seven of nine for 47 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown pass went across Mahomes’ body and was a tricky throw, but we saw flashes of just how good this kid can be in his pro career.

Watching this rookie quarterback take snaps and make plays as a member of MY team was a great feeling. Usually preseason is all about how the rookie quarterbacks are performing, so the Chiefs are never mentioned. This year, however, they were front and center, as they had one of the three first round signal callers taken in this year’s draft.

My brother and I attended the preseason game on Friday and were so excited watching Mahomes play. That deep ball he threw to Robinson was a beaut and it’s a shame that it was called back because DAMN! The crowd was so energetic and so excited about being present for Mahomes’ first NFL action.

Obviously I want Patrick Mahomes to pan out because it’d mean Kansas City has their franchise guy for over a decade, but also because the fans are so excited about this kid. He’s brought a whole new kind of hype to Kansas City and that’s pretty cool.

With three more preseason games remaining, I can’t wait to see how Mahomes improves.

What did you think of Patrick Mahomes’ debut?