Kansas City Chiefs: Michael Vick proof Chiefs not afraid of controversy

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The Kansas City Chiefs made all kinds of headlines when it was announced earlier this week that former NFL quarterback Michael Vick would be apart of the Chiefs staff this summer as a coaching intern.

When it comes to controversial names in the NFL, Michael Vick is always going to be near the top of the list. Vick, who was the number one overall player selected in the 2001 NFL Draft, previously spent time in prison for dog fighting activities in which he took part during the 2000s.

After serving his time, Vick made a comeback to the NFL and signed with the only team that was willing to give him a chance. That team was the Philadelphia Eagles, who were coached by Andy Reid at the time. It all makes sense that if Vick is going to partake as a coaching intern with any team, it’d be with the team where his old coach is now, and that’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

I understand why people are upset about Vick being hired. What Vick did was sick and wrong and I am in no way defending his actions from when he was apart of dog fighting.

I know Vick is one of the more controversial figures in the NFL, but haven’t the Chiefs shown that they’re not afraid of those types of players?

With that said, however, Michael Vick served his time and he’s taken the second chance that’s been given to him and is becoming a better person by sharing his experiences. Since being released from prison, Vick has teamed up with the Humane Society and is fighting to end cruelty to animals. The fact that Vick is making an effort to become a better human being is something that we all should all take note of.

I know Vick is one of the more controversial figures in the NFL, but haven’t the Kansas City Chiefs shown that they’re not afraid of those types of players? Look at last year’s draft for instance. The Chiefs selected Tyreek Hill in the fifth round and he had pleaded guilty to choking his then-pregnant girlfriend. This was known news when the Chiefs drafted him.

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Hill caused nothing but controversy for the Chiefs until he started to play well and then people seemingly started to look the other way. Hill got his second chance and is showing that he’s a great football player. If fans are willing to support Hill’s second chance, why not give Vick a chance here in Kansas City?

Michael Vick served his time and is making it a point to be a better person. He’s mentioned before how he wants to get into coaching and Andy Reid, a guy who previously had stuck his neck out for Vick, gave his former quarterback the opportunity to get his feet wet in the coaching circuit.

Oh, and speaking of controversial figures, did I mention that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said he’d be okay with the team signing Colin Kaepernick if their situation allowed it? Yeah, this is an organization that doesn’t shy away from getting those polarizing figures. Fans might not have figured that out yet though.

To sum up, I understand people being angry at Michael Vick for his previous actions, but to lash out at the organization for letting him be an intern, and not lashing out at them for drafting Hill is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

The Chiefs are always showing they’re there for guys needing a second chance and while that sometimes can be frustrating, it’s just something fans might have to get used to.