Kansas City Royals: Do Royals really need to add reliever

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The Kansas City Royals have rattled off four straight wins and are still in the chase for first place in the American League Central. The bullpen has done a great job during this winning streak.

We all knew heading into the 2017 season that the Kansas City Royals bullpen wasn’t going to be what it once was. During the 2014 and 2015 seasons, the Royals had an elite bullpen. When the Royals had a lead after the sixth inning, whether it be 1-0 or 12-0, the game was pretty much over.

This season hasn’t been like that, or even close to that, but it’s been better recently. In fact, during the Royals’ series against the Chicago White Sox, the Royals relievers have yet to give up a run, which is impressive considering what they’ve been asked to do during that stretch.

On Friday night, Ian Kennedy didn’t have his good stuff and was pulled after only four innings and allowing six runs (five of them earned). Scott Alexander then entered the game and threw two innings of one-hit ball.

From there, Mike Minor got two outs and then Peter Moylan finished out the seventh inning. Joakim Soria and Kelvin Herrera pitched in their normal innings without allowing a run and Neftali Feliz even got through the tenth inning without allowing any damage. The Royals would go on to win that game in ten innings.

It was a similar story on Saturday, as Jason Vargas made it through five innings and then got himself into some trouble. Scott Alexander, once again, stepped in and took care of business. Alexander got through the sixth inning without allowing a hit and lowered his ERA to 2.08.

Peter Moylan, Joakim Soria, and Al Alburquerque then finished the game off, pitching three clean innings. Only Moylan allowed a hit.

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While a lot of the talk on the Hot Stove conversation has been about the Royals needing to add a bullpen arm, I don’t think the need is all that strong honestly. These Royals relievers have shown that when they’re hot, they’re untouchable.

If the Royals were to add anything in the bullpen, I’d recommend they go after a closer. Kelvin Herrera hasn’t been a lights out closer for the Royals this year, but it could be an easy fix, maybe by switching Soria to that role instead should it come to that.

If the Kansas City Royals are going to trade for anyone, it should be either a bat or a starting pitcher, but honestly… I’m coming around on this team maybe being able to get away with standing pat at the trade deadline.

Just look at what the Royals bullpen has done in the last few days despite the heavy workload they’ve had to take on. They’ve done their job and then some. Why mess with a good thing?

What do you think, Royals fans? Do you think the team is okay with their current group of relievers or should they look to add help for the second half of the season?