Kansas City Royals should be sellers at the 2017 trade deadline

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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With the trade deadline fast approaching and the Kansas City Royals starting the post All-Star break very slow, it makes sense to sell. After all, buying is only beneficial if a World Series follows it.

This may be a hard idea to think of for some Kansas City Royals fans, but truth be told: selling is the best option. Now before you go off on me, just think about it. The only way buying is seen as a success is if the Royals win a World Series this year. I think everyone can agree that is very unlikely. The one thing the Royals have been completely missing this year is consistency.

If you look into it, consistency is the foundation for a deep postseason run. Sure, the last postseasons have been very magical for the Royals, but I do not see it this year. The Kansas City Royals do not have the right pieces this year for a deep run. There are holes everywhere on this team, from starting pitching to the bullpen to the designated hitter spot.

Dayton Moore cannot buy enough pieces to fill the holes the Royals have and even if he does, it dooms the entire franchise’s future. Fans may love the pieces the Royals pick up, but those guys will only be there for two months anyway. All of the core players that every Royals fan has grown to love will walk away in free agency also. Ouch.

That is a killer to a ball club that just recently got back on its feet. It would bring familiar memories to some of the fans that remember the years where the Kansas City Royals were not very good. So, now that thought has been put into the Royals best options, which should they pick? The choice is obvious even if it may be painful and hard to swallow.

Selling is the best option. If you doubt me at all, just think of the kind of pieces the Royals would have to get to launch them into the World Series. Not many trade prospects will make you think that the Royals can get deep in the postseason. So, now that I have you sold on selling lets see who the Royals should sell.