Kansas City Royals should be sellers at the 2017 trade deadline

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The Kansas City Royals Should Sell…

Mike Moustakas

Even though Mike Moustakas is having one of the best seasons in his career, his value is too good to pass. Most recently, Moustakas has been rumored to be a favorite for the Boston Red Sox, which means some great talent could be on the table from the Red Sox. Even though Moustakas would be a great asset to keep around, he still is inconsistent.

Moose has been great at hitting the long ball this year, with 25 homers to his name before the All-Star break. Moustakas even got an invite to the Home Run Derby, being the first member of the Royals to compete in the event since 1991.

Since coming back from the break, Moose hasn’t hit a home run, but he has been hitting the baseball. While I do not believe that Moose will fall back to inconsistency anytime soon, again, his value is a great selling point on the market.

Moustakas should be the first Royal to go. It’ll be sad, sure, as Moose has been a great asset for the Royals, especially during the 2015 World Series.

Unfortunately, Major League Baseball is a business. This may break the hearts of every Royal fan, but Moose has to be traded away. He will ultimately help rebuild and start the beginning of the next core players.