Mizzou Football: Bovada puts over/under for Tigers at six and a half wins

Mizzou football (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Mizzou football (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Mizzou football hasn’t been all that great over the past two seasons, but the over/under for the Tigers isn’t all that bad. Bovada has set the bar at six and a half wins for MU.

Things haven’t been the same for Mizzou football lately, but hopefully that’s about to change for the Tigers. Bovada has released their odds for the college football season and has set the over/under for Missouri at six and a half wins.

Honestly, that’s not an awful number for MU, as they haven’t been living up to the hype they brought in their early seasons in the SEC. With a weak conference, the Tigers should easily be able to hit the over on this.

Earlier this week, Mizzou football was picked to finish last in the SEC East by the NCAA in their preseason poll. It’s not tough to argue against that when the Tigers went an uninspiring 4-8 a season ago, good for last in their conference.

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Last season had a lot of lowlights, but the biggest one for Missouri was their loss to Middle Tennessee near the halfway point of the season. The Tigers barely lost that game 51-45, but it went down in the loss column and was a game that MU fans wanted to quickly forget about.

This season should spell out more success for Mizzou, as they have four very easy games on their schedule. That would already get them to the same amount of games they won the season prior, but the Tigers can easily win more than those four games.

Favorable games for the black and gold are against Missouri State, Purdue, Idaho, and Connecticut. They should also be favored against South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and potentially against Arkansas as well. Mizzou has some tougher games on the agenda, like against Auburn and Florida, but no one is an impossible team to beat.

I have high hopes for Mizzou football this season and they should get back to their 2013 and 2014 reputation where they won the SEC East both years. I’m not saying that’s what Missouri is a lock to win the SEC East, but they definitely have a chance to contend for it in 2017.

While MU won’t be the highlighting college football squad in the area, Tiger fans should take solace in knowing their team won’t be nearly as bad as they have been the past two seasons. The schedule shapes up nicely for them and they should be fun to watch this year.