Kansas City Chiefs: Trade For Richard Sherman Could Make Sense

Richard Sherman to the Kansas City Chiefs? Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Sherman to the Kansas City Chiefs? Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports /

If the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to boost their secondary, trading for Richard Sherman could be a move that makes a lot of sense.

Throughout the draft process, the Kansas City Chiefs have shown a clear interest in the cornerback market. Given the performance of the Chiefs secondary in 2016, it’s not hard to see why that would be. However, there may be another option available as Seahawks GM John Schneider has confirmed Richard Sherman is on the trade block.

It’s hard to imagine that a 29 year old corner who has 4 Pro Bowl and 4 All Pro seasons, plus two years still on his contract, would be available for trade. However, Richard Sherman’s vocal nature has made him into a bit of a headache for the Seahawks recently.

With a team as talented as Seattle, there is always going to be a thought that no one player is indispensable. However, it shouldn’t be assumed that the Seahawks would just fork him over. The team making a trade for Richard Sherman should expect to give up a significant investment. Kansas City is a team that could afford to put a significant investment into getting Sherman.

The Chiefs have extra draft picks this year, and a roster loaded with talent. That makes them a very attractive trade partner for the Seahawks. However, the question of how much Richard Sherman is worth will absolutely come into play here.

Money Is Definitely An Object

The biggest obstacle for the Kansas City Chiefs in trading for Richard Sherman is the contract. Plain and simple, the Chiefs do not have the cap space to make this happen. According to Overthecap.com, Sherman would come with an almost

$11.5 million price tag

in a trade. The NFLPA salary cap report currently shows KC with just over

$3 million in cap space


That means the Chiefs would have to make corresponding moves in order to get Richard Sherman on the roster. It isn’t easy to open up $8+ million in salary cap space. In fact, it would take multiple moves for KC to be able to afford Sherman’s salary this year.

What Would It Cost?

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That brings us to the compensation portion of this. Whatever the Seahawks get for Richard Sherman, it will be significant. We’re talking high draft picks and/or quality players to make this happen. Would the Chiefs be willing to part with a 1st or 2nd round pick? That’s a high price tag, but John Dorsey has done it before.

Kansas City could also look to package a player in a deal. The Chiefs are especially loaded with talent at defensive end and running back. I have to admit it would be kind of funny to trade Spencer Ware or Jaye Howard to Seattle considering both players were once drafted and cut by the Hawks.

One trade option that I have my eye on is Dee Ford. The Chiefs have shown a lot of interest in pass rushers in this draft class. It could be that KC is already planning for a change up with that group. Drafting a quality pass rusher in the first round and then packaging Dee Ford and a a pick or two for Richard Sherman could be a very solid deal…if the Hawks are game for it.

Ultimately though, I think the Chiefs stay away from making a deal. This is an especially strong class for cornerbacks, so it makes a bit more sense to try and get that younger guy on a cheaper deal. However, I’m sure that Dorsey and company will be kicking the tires and weighing their options. It’s what they are paid to do.

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Richard Sherman is going to be a hot topic around the NFL for the next couple of weeks. While I don’t think the Kansas City Chiefs get in on a trade for him, the move would make some sense. We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out, but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen here.