Kansas City Chiefs: Major Shakeup Could Come To Front Office

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Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey (left) and chairman Clark Hunt – Credit: USA Today /

The Kansas City Chiefs have enjoyed a lot of success with John Dorsey as General Manager. However, he may be off to another job.

As the Kansas City Chiefs begin to prepare for the Pittsburgh Steelers this week, General Manager John Dorsey might be preparing for a job interview. Rumors have emerged this past weekend that link the Kansas City GM to the same position with the Green Bay Packers. This would be a very interesting development that would have a huge effect on both organizations.

Many Chiefs fans on twitter were taken aback when the news first broke. Emotions ranged across the spectrum, but fell heavily on the negative side. That makes a lot of sense when you consider the success that KC has enjoyed with its current leadership team. In times like these, you don’t want to break up the band.

However, the NFL is a complex business with a lot of aspects to it. Front office moves generally don’t get a lot of attention until this time of year when there are a number of new vacancies. So it’s kind of easy to forget that these football executives are real people who look at their careers in much the same way that you and I do.

So while I can understand that the Chiefs fan base would be upset over this, I can also appreciate why John Dorsey would be considering such a move. On top of that, I think it also provides the Chiefs with a new opportunity of their own. However, above all else, I get that things in the NFL are always going to get a bit complex.