Kansas City Chiefs: Major Shakeup Could Come To Front Office

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Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey.
Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /

Why Would Dorsey Leave?

Of course, the big question facing fans of the Kansas City Chiefs is why John Dorsey would leave in the first place. Well, to be perfectly honest, I would be shocked if Dorsey didn’t leave under these circumstances. The situation in Green Bay seems to be absolutely perfect for the current Chiefs GM.

First off, the reason the job is opening at all is because Packers GM Ted Thompson is retiring. That is huge for any potential candidate because it means the opening isn’t the result of a bad situation. It’s hard to imagine any NFL front office executive not jumping at that chance. Granted, this would be a lateral move instead of a promotion, but that makes sense in this case as well.

You see, John Dorsey is a Packer. Yes, he is currently the Chiefs General Manager, but that’s not where his heart is. Dorsey came up as a Packer. We all know that he was swiped from the Green Bay front office, but do you know how deep his ties go? Except for his current job and a one year stint with the Seahawks, John Dorsey has been a Packer since 1984.

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John Dorsey spent his entire playing career with the Green Bay Packers before being hired as a scout in 1991. From there, he worked his way up through the organization until he became Director of Football Operations. He spent nearly 30 years of his life with Green Bay. C’mon, how can you not expect him to jump at this opportunity?