Kansas City Chiefs: Five Things To Laugh At The Chargers About

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Kansas City Chiefs
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10 Losses Shouldn’t Talk To 11 Wins

In the NFL, everything is proven on the field, and right now the Kansas City Chiefs have proven themselves to be far superior to the San Diego Chargers. Hey Keenan, did you forget your team is again at the bottom of the division? In fact, the Chargers haven’t been better than 3rd in the AFC West since Allen got to the team.

We’ve already established that the man on the couch shouldn’t be talking to the man on the field. Apparently, we need to explain that the team sitting at 5-10 shouldn’t be talking to the team at 11-4. The Chiefs are thinking about Super Bowls while the Chargers are thinking about draft picks, among other things.

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Oh, and I guess we should point out that the Chiefs won that Week 1 match up (and the 4 meetings before that). Oh sure, some will say it was because Keenan Allen got hurt. However, if your team is that dependent on one player, then it’s not a very good team anyways. So, maybe Allen should focus on actually helping his team get better instead of working on his twitter trolling.