Kansas City Chiefs: Five Things To Laugh At The Chargers About

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Kansas City Chiefs
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Where You At?

Apparently, Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl (x2) cornerback Marcus Peters is a “bum”. At least, that’s what Keenan Allen thinks. It seems odd that Allen would say this about Peters who has been tearing up the league this season. While the Chargers wide receiver has been at home, the Chiefs second year man has become a premier shut down corner. So, how does the term “bum” apply?



  1. a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.

Ah, now I see. Clearly Keenan Allen was referring to himself. Since, you know, he’s being paid to once again sit at home on his couch while his team is out there competing. Of course, that’s kind of par for the course now for Allen who has yet to play even one entire season in the NFL. Puts things in perspective there. The guy at home on the couch calling the man earning his pay a bum.

Listen, you want to trash talk? Be able to back it up. There are plenty of “keyboard warriors” out there. Keenan Allen just became one of them because he has nothing to gain or lose here. Nothing can be proven on the field. So he just shot his mouth/thumbs off for no reason at all. He’s about to have as much effect on this game as those of you reading this post right now.