Royals Rumors: Wade Davis To Cubs Is A Done Deal

Kansas City Royals trade target Jorge Soler. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Royals trade target Jorge Soler. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs have finalized a deal that sends closer Wade Davis to Chicago in return for outfielder Jorge Soler.

The rumors about the Kansas City Royals trading Wade Davis had been working overtime over the past couple of days. Late last night, those rumors came to a head when the Royals and Cubs had apparently worked out a deal regarding the closer. Today, the deal was finalized and the Royals have a new member of the organization, Jorge Soler.

Over the past couple of seasons, Wade Davis has been an incredibly important member of the Kansas City bullpen. As a closer, Davis has been one of the most dominant pitchers in all of major league baseball. Unfortunately, financial restrictions, as well as age and injury concerns, made a long-term situation unlikely between player and team.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs had been sitting with a very crowded outfield of players that simply couldn’t get enough time. They were also in need of a reliever to replace Aroldis Chapman. With Chicago thinking about a repeat trip to the World Series, Davis simply made too much sense to not go after.

Who “Wins” The Trade?

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It’s always hard to determine who came out on top in a trade when it first happens. However, I can say that I’m not the least bit upset with what the Kansas City Royals did. With Davis headed to Chicago, Kelvin Herrera will take over as the closer. The Royals have a number of options as to who can fill in at the set up role now vacated by Herrera, so there is little concern there.

As for Jorge Soler, the Royals are getting a young man with plenty of power and potential, which is really what they needed. Soler has had some issues with leg injuries, but that will be largely mitigated if KC decides to put him in the Designated Hitter spot. Analysts seem to agree that Soler is a much better fit for the American League as opposed to the National League.

In regards to Wade Davis, there is a part of me that is sad to see him go. However, when you strip away the name, what you have is a 31 year old reliever with recent forearm and elbow issues. Yes, Davis returned strong in 2016, but there has to be real concern over how much longer it will be before his time is done. I think the Royals were very smart to move on and get something in return.

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The Kansas City Royals are not giving up on the 2017 season, but they are being smart about their approach. This is a team that can’t really compete for big money names, so they have to keep the roster young. It’s kind of a hit or miss proposition, but we have seen it work. What Dayton Moore is doing now, really isn’t much different than what he did to acquire many of the Royals that were part of the 2015 World Series championship team.