Fantasy Football: Top 15 Running Backs To Target In 2016

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#15 Fantasy Football running back Carlos Hyde
#15 Fantasy Football running back Carlos Hyde. Mandatory Credit: Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports /

Fantasy Football Running Backs: #15 Carlos Hyde – San Francisco 49ers

Carlos Hyde may be the best player in San Francisco which is both good and bad for Fantasy Football owners.  It’s good in that he will get a lot of touches.  It’s bad in that defenses are going to key in on him and there isn’t much to offset that focus.

Chip Kelly’s Offense:  Despite popular belief, Chip Kelly likes to run the ball.  It’s why he invested heavily in running backs during his time in Philadelphia.  That plays well for Carlos Hyde because he is head and shoulders above the rest of the running back options on the roster.  He will get plenty of opportunities to rack up points for his fantasy owner.

Focus Of The Defense:  Everything I just said about Hyde is true…and every defense in the NFL knows it.  To make matters worse, there is absolutely nobody else on the offense (quarterbacks included) who will make defenses change their focus.  The 49ers are going to run the ball, and opposing defenses are going to stack the box.

Draft Value – 4th Round:  Carlos Hyde is good enough that he is still going to rack up a lot of points for fantasy owners.  He won’t see his potential reached with the current 49ers offense that will get him keyed in on by his opponents.  Don’t jump the gun on him.

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