KC Chiefs: Ten Chiefs Players To Draft In Fantasy Football

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Kansas City Chiefs running back De’Anthony Thomas (13) – Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

If your league gives points for punt/kick returns, this guy will definitely be getting drafted within the middle rounds.

De’Anthony Thomas had a pretty solid rookie season in the return game. In 2014, Thomas returned 34 punts for 405 yards and 14 kicks for 428 yards, per ESPN.com. Those are averages of 11.9 yards per punt return and 30.6 yards per kick return.

Those are really good numbers. Something else to consider: he did that kind of damage in only 12 games. Think about the totals this guy could get if he played a full 16.

I typically play in fantasy leagues that give points to players for getting punt and kick return yards. Because of that, I usually draft someone who primarily does kick and punt returns. Should the player not see the field for much offense but return all the kicks and/or punts, I can usually pull some pretty good numbers.

The thing about DAT is that he’s used pretty frequently on offense. If not for an actual target, he’s used to pull the defense’s attention away from another key player.

More often than not, when Thomas got the ball it was off of a screen play. Last season, Thomas only caught 23 passes for 156 yards, also per ESPN.com. I personally think that he’ll be getting more love on offense this season. He’s too fast to not be considered an offensive weapon.

If DAT gets more time on offense AND remains as the Chiefs’ primary return man, he could score your fantasy team some serious points.

Personally, I’d take him in a middle or later round, but maybe wait until week one or week two to determine if he’s actually starting material.

He’s really a player to watch this coming season.

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