Kansas City Royals: Rotation Continues To Struggle

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Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Danny Duffy (41) – Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately for the Royals, Ventura and Duffy have elected to attack this 2015 campaign as throwers, and not pitchers. The sooner they realize their repertoire of pitches plays well at a dialed down tempo and velocity, the better. Until then, expect more of the same.

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They do need someone in their ear. Jason Vargas maybe? Doubtful. This is his second year with this club, and I’ve yet to hear him speak.

Jeremy Guthrie could seemingly be that guy, but perhaps that’s out of his comfort zone.

How about Edinson Volquez? Well, he’s been tasked, right or wrong, with filling the void Shields left behind. He’s doing a good job filling that void, and stopping the bleeding from hemorrhaging effects of the Ventura and Duffy outings.

I cite Vargas and Guthrie for a reason. Do you think opposing batters get in the box and fear a Vargas fastball or a Guthrie curve, or slider? Spoiler alert– they don’t.

Vargas and Guthrie get people out by pitching. Mixing up locations, velocities, pitching backwards at times (not afraid to start batters of with offspeed pitches rather than fastballs), and being accurate.

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