KC Chiefs: 2013 NFL Draft Two Years Later

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Kansas City Chiefs running back Knile Davis (34) – Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In the same round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to nab two impact players. Travis Kelce was the first and 33 picks later, Knile Davis became a Chief as well. Davis’ impact has been huge in Kansas City and he very well could be the future of the team once Jamaal Charles‘ time is done (I don’t see that happening for awhile though).

Expect big(ger) things from Knile Davis in 2015.

When Charles went down with an injury in the Wildcard playoff game, Davis stepped up big time. It showed that this team would be all right should Charles need time to cool off.

Charles went down again during 2014’s first match-up against Denver. Davis came in and rushed for two touchdowns in that game. He then started the next week against the Dolphins and had one rushing touchdown along with one receiving touchdown.

Davis’ main problem during his time in the pros has been with fumbling the ball. He had this problem during his days at Arkansas, but has shown improvement.

Expect big(ger) things from Knile Davis in 2015.

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