KC Chiefs: 2013 NFL Draft Two Years Later

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Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Nico Johnson (57) – Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Boy was this guy a bust or what?

Nico Johnson was brought in to help Derrick Johnson out with stopping the run (and maybe be his eventual replacement), but he only played in six games during his rookie season. When Kansas City signed Joe Mays to a contract, it wasn’t shocking that Nico was considered a “lost cause” so to speak.

He was scooped up by the Cincinnati Bengals off Kansas City’s practice squad in October.

Kansas City recently signed Josh Mauga to a three-year deal, and Mike DeVito will be back in 2015 to help stop the run. It just wasn’t meant to be for Nico Johnson in Kansas City.

Yet another disappointing pick in 2013.

People were excited about the selection of Sanders Commings when it first occurred, but he’s done virtually nothing for the Chiefs. Suffering through injuries his first two seasons, year three is a huge one for Commings. He must prove his worth if he wants to stay on the Chiefs’ roster in 2015.

Commings played cornerback in college, but was converted to safety in the Chiefs’ system. If he could avoid injury, he’d have the ability to make a big difference in Kansas City’s secondary. So far though, he hasn’t made a big impression on me.

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