Kansas City Royals: An Opening Day To Remember

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Once the roster was announced, it was time to play ball!

The first inning was a little tense especially when Cabrera singled early on, but Yordano Ventura remained calm and got a little help from his defense with a double play to end the inning.

Once the second inning came and Alex Rios was able to advance Kendrys Morales to third base, fans really started getting pumped up. Perez was then able to smack the ball to deep right for a double and record the first RBI for the Kansas City Royals in 2015.

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The Royals tacked on two more runs in the third inning and Mike Moustakas homered to center in the fifth, but fans still weren’t at ease, even with a 4-0 lead. Jose Abreau hit a home run off of Ventura in the seventh inning and shortly after, Adam LaRoche hit a foul ball and all of a sudden Ventura was on the ground.

The stadium went silent at that point and you know everyone was worried about the starting pitcher. Ventura remained on the ground for several minutes and then walked off the field after an incredible effort against the White Sox.

Kelvin Herrera then took the mound and literally looked like he picked up right where he left off during the World Series. Herrera struck out LaRoche and then was helped by his defense on the final two outs.

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