Madden Predicts Results: Kansas City Chiefs VS Denver Broncos


Madden once again correctly predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would lose, this time against the Denver Broncos. Without further ado here are the results for the Week 2 Kansas City Chiefs Madden prediction.

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Final Score

Sim: Kansas City Chiefs 20 – Denver Broncos 26

Reality: Kansas City Chiefs 17 – Denver Broncos 24

The sim was very close this week and was only a Cairo Santos missed field goal short of getting the Chiefs score perfect. The sim only missed the Titans score by 10 total points and was even closer this week, missing the mark by 5 points. The sim predicted it would be a 6 point difference in score and the game ended at a 7 point difference.

Team Statistics

Offensive Yards Gained

Sim: Chiefs 348 – Broncos (466)

Reality: Chiefs (380) – Broncos 325


Sim: Chiefs (85) – Broncos 84

Reality: Chiefs (133) – Broncos 88


Sim: Chiefs 263 – Broncos (382)

Reality: Chiefs (247) – Broncos 237

Total Yards Gained

Sim: Chiefs 462 – Broncos (584)

Reality: Chiefs (382) – Broncos 325


Sim: Chiefs (1) – Broncos 0

Reality: Chiefs 0 – Broncos 0

The Madden sim vastly underestimated the Chiefs defense that outplayed the Broncos defense for the most part despite losing Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito to season-ending injuries in week one.

Individual Player Statistics


Sim: Alex Smith 26-46, 56%, 258 Yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Peyton Manning 33-42, 78%, 382 Yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

Reality: Alex Smith 26-42, 61%, 255 Yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

Peyton Manning 21-26, 80%, 242 Yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

The Madden sim correctly predicted exactly how many passes Alex Smith would complete and missed how many he attempted by 4. The sim was also within 5% of Smith’s completion percentage.

Peyton Manning attempted a lot fewer passes than the sim projected, but it was nearly perfect on the completion percentage, missing the total by 2%. The sim did correctly predict the 3 touchdowns for Manning.


Sim: Jamaal Charles 19 Carries, 53 Yards, 2.7 YPC, 0 TD

Montee Ball 24 Carries, 77 Yards, 3.2 YPC, 0 TD

Reality: Knile Davis 22 Carries, 79 Yards, 3.5 YPC, 2 TD

Montee Ball 12 Carries, 60 Yards, 5 YPC, 0 TD

The Madden sim did not predict Charles’ injury or it didn’t want to hurt us with the news, either way the rushing prediction was not very accurate.


Sim: Dwayne Bowe 13 Receptions, 175 Yards, 2 TD

Demaryius Thomas 10 Receptions, 139 Yards, 1 TD –

Emmanuel Sanders 8 Receptions, 98 Yards, 1 TD

Reality: Dwayne Bowe 3 Receptions, 40 Yards, 0 TD

Demaryius Thomas 5 Receptions, 62 Yards, 1 TD

Emmanuel Sanders 8 Receptions, 108 Yards, 0 TD

The Madden sim bought in to the Dwayne Bowe is in the best shape of his life hype and predicted him to open his season in a big way, but Bowe was shut down for the most part. The sim did correctly predict that Sanders would be a thorn in the Chiefs side all day and only missed his total yards by 10 and correctly predicted his 8 receptions.


Sim: Sean Smith 11 Tackles, Justin Houston 1 Sack, Dontari Poe 1 Sack

Danny Trevathan 11 Tackles

Reality: Sean Smith 3 Tackles, Justin Houston 1.5 Tackles, Dontari Poe 1 Tackle, Tamba Hali 1 Sack

Danny Trevathan was made inactive for the game so the prediction couldn’t account for his loss. The sim did have the right idea it just credited the wrong corner because Ron Parker led the Chiefs in tackles with 7.


Sim: Cairo Santos 2-3 FG, 66% – Brandon McManus 2-3 FG, 66%

Reality: Cairo Santos 1-2 FG, 50% – Brandon McManus 1-1 FG, 100%

The sim correctly predicted Santos would miss his second field goal in as many games much to the dismay of fans. I hear Ryan Succup is still perfect in Tennessee.

It ended up being a pretty good day for the Madden sim and Chiefs fans got to see a competitive game. Thank you for reading and watch for the Madden 15 Chiefs vs Dolphins prediction later in the week.

Madden 15 Chiefs Prediction Record 2-0

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