Around the Kingdom: 2014 Royals vs 1985 Royals, Billy Butler, Chiefs vs. Titans


The Kansas City Royals won their 4th straight game, squeaking by the Yankees with a 1-0 victory on an unearned run by Alcides Escobar.

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James Shields shut out the Yankees over 8.1 innings before giving way to Wade Davis in the 9th. Lorenzo Cain saved the win by reaching over the fence to pull back a would-be home run by Brett Gardner in the 6th.

With the Royals sitting atop the A.L. Central since August 11, Royals fans cannot help but compare them to the last Royals team to make the playoffs: the 1985 World Champions.

The Chiefs open their season Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead against the Tennessee Titans. Some predict doom and gloom for the upcoming season based—in part—on a young offensive line that has struggled during the pre-season. However, not everyone believes the Chiefs are in trouble. In fact, ESPN’s Antonio Pierce picked Kansas City to make the Super Bowl.

KU opens their football season Saturday against Southwest Missouri State. This year is a pivotal season for Charlie Weiss’ regime.

Sporting KC has lost its last 3 matches and now finds themselves trying to break out of their slump.


  • Royals Review – Comparing this season’s Royals to the 1985 World Champions:

"The 2014 Royals are having the best season in franchise history since probably 1985, the only time the franchise has won it all. This has led to some comparisons between the two clubs, especially since both teams were built on great pitching and shaky offense. George Brett even went so far as to do a player-by-player comparison and conclude the 2014 Royals were better. Was he right?"

"This morning, FanGraphs’ playoff odds gave the Tigers a 54.5% chance of taking the division. The Royals’ odds are at 44.4%. No other division race features such closely-divided odds. Even in the National League West race between the Dodgers and Giants — which the Dodgers lead by two games with 22 to play — FanGraphs gives LA an 83.3% chance of winning the division."

"During the first part of August, a stretch when the Royals went 15-3, Butler posted a .352/.387/.521 batting line, striking out only eight times in 71 at bats. As the Royals surged back into first place, Butler helped lead the charge."


  • Arrowhead Addict – ESPN analyst Antonio Pierce picks KC to make the Super Bowl:

"Pierce’s pick seems to go against the grain of most people thinking the Chiefs will be the team most likely to miss the playoff this season after making it last season. The problem with taking the Chiefs out means you have to put somebody in and the AFC does not look like it is going to be a very good conference in 2014."


  • Reporting KC – Can Sporting turn things around after losing 3 straight matches?

"Sporting’s approach to scoring goals isn’t changing any time soon.  At the end of the day, the chances at scoring a goal are there and are far more abundant than the other team’s.  Sporting’s biggest issue with losing at home is its ability, or lack thereof, to defend counterattacks."


  • KUSports – Jayhawks will find out if off-season sacrifices were worth it

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