Recruiting Rumors: Mitchell Ballock Offered Scholarship By Kansas Jayhawks [Video]


If Mitchell Ballock is a life long fan of the Kansas Jayhawks, his dreams may have just come true. According to Jayhawk Slant and Andrew Baker of Channel 6 News in Lawrence, both via twitter, Bill Self has offered the Eudora sophomore a scholarship.

According to Rock Chalk Blog, Ballock has been a KU fan for most of his young life.

In this age of crazy sports stories, Ballock, who just turned 16, has also received offers from the Iowa State Cyclones and the Creighton Blue Jays thus far, according to Gary Bedore of KUSports.com.

"Ballock, a left-handed sharpshooter, has received offers from KU, Creighton and Iowa State. It’s expected that before long he will be offered by all the major colleges in the country."

Ballock is 6’4″ now but who knows how much he will grow over the next three years? Hopefully, he won’t shoot up physically and become gangly and uncoordinated.

The youngster from Eudora, which is about fifteen minutes from Allen Fieldhouse, hasn’t decided yet on his college choice, again according to Bedore.

"He (Ballock) added that he has “no time frame. I have a long time (to make decision on a school).”"

So many things can happen in the next three years, it is hard to get excited about the possibilities so far down the road. Still, it makes a nice story that a local player can be impressive enough at such a young age to garner a scholarship from such a prestigious basketball program as the Kansas Jayhawks.

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It is interesting though, that Ballock didn’t accept immediately. That is a pretty big carrot to dangle in front of a kid who just celebrated his Sweet Sixteen.

The way Bill Self reloads from year to year, adding some of the top talent from around the country, Mitchell Ballock must be very good indeed to receive an offer so far in advance.

Evidently, Ballock is a terrific shooter from the outside, according to Bedore, commenting on Ballock’s performances this summer at Stephen Curry camp.

"Ballock won a three-point shooting contest from the NBA line and was recognized with the “best shooter” award at the end of the Curry camp, which was for 20 of the top high school guards in the country and a couple from overseas. It was invitation-only."

Enjoy these Mitchell Ballock highlights.

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