Kansas City Royals: The Nation Is Pulling For You


The Kansas City Royals and there fans are not alone after all. An ESPN poll shows that 49 of the 50 states would rather see the Royals in the playoffs than the Detroit Tigers. (Note, you may have to scroll through a few other polls to get to the Royals/Tigers one)

Can you guess the one dissenting state. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Michigan wants to be selfish and see the Tigers in the playoffs again.

As of this writing, 33,504 people voted on which would be better for baseball – the Royals making the postseason for the first time since 1985, or for the Tigers to make another deep playoff run.

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A's slug their way past Kansas City, wins 6-4
A's slug their way past Kansas City, wins 6-4 /

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  • The results are overwhelming. 78% want to see the Royals season continue in October, 22% of the fans think the high paid stars of the Tigers deserve another shot. Better yet, every single part of the nation is together on this. From the beaches and volcanoes of Hawaii, to the forested shores of Maine, Michigan stands by themselves.

    The Royals 8-game winning streak came crashing down last night, but the Tigers lost, too. Kansas City is going to have another day in first place in August. We are all hoping the Royals bounce back to win, and to stay ahead of the talented, but beat up, Tigers.

    Royals’ fans deserve this; it has been a long time. I am old enough to actually remember the glory days of the late 70’s and 80’s, when the Kansas City Royals were one of the most successful franchises in baseball.

    As we all know, this culminated in 1985, when Kansas City won the World Series. Sadly, we have not experienced the post season since. There can be no doubt about, it is the Royals’ turn.

    The past week and a half have been exciting. Sung Woo Lee became a local and national sensation. The Royals community showed its Midwest hospitality, and we have all had some fun.

    Long suffering fans, casual followers, and critics alike are banding together to pull for this team to give us something to root for, something exciting in our lives.

    Please check out ranyontheroyals for the incredible saga of Sung Woo Lee, and how his fandom and the Royals’ on-field successes are affecting the community. Be ready for some goose bumps.

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    If Kansas City continues to play well, and can somehow make the playoffs, there is going to be plenty of sentimental outpourings of  joy – from me, and from every other Royals fan lucky enough to be writing on a site like KC Kingdom, or any other.

    We are the critics, the naysayers, the first ones to complain, but we love our team to the core.

    People sometimes take our criticism as a sign we hate the Royals. The exact opposite is true. We love the Royals with all our hearts. When I write some negative, I want to be wrong. I take no joy when I am correct. I would love it if I can be wrong about this team, and I am not the only one.

    The Royals have done little to prove us critics wrong over the years that have stretched into decades. Like Rany Jazayerli, I am ready to put aside my poison pen, and enjoy the ride. No one would be more thrilled if the Royals make the playoffs than I.

    Evidently, the nation has noticed our plight and feels sympathy for us. Baseball fans understand we are due some love from the baseball gods. Hopefully, we have paid off our debt for Don Denkinger, and this is the year the playoff drought can end.

    Maybe Kansas City will get just a little bit more mojo with the support of baseball fans across the country. Maybe that will be just enough to push the Royals to victory.

    Royals fans will take all the help we can get.

    If you love the Kansas City Royals as I do, and would like to write about them too, please fill out our online application. Come join the KC Kingdom team.