Around the Kingdom: George Brett, Eric Fisher, and Mitch Richmond


Looking Around the Kingdom, the Royals are rolling right now. The team is riding a 5-game winning streak after dispatching the San Francisco Giants 4-2 on Friday night at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City has now won 13 of their last 16 games—a streak that’s reminiscent of last year’s 15 of 20 run coming out of the 2013 All-Star break, which was called by GM Dayton Moore.

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Is this winning kick at around the same stage of the season a pure coincidence? Or could it be that the Royals are a young team that has more energy at this point of the season than older clubs?

Chiefs fans are still trying to digest their first peek at the 2014 squad after Thursday’s 41-39 preseason win over the Bengals. In short, the 1st team secondary didn’t look very good. Young players Travis Kelce and De’Anthony Thomas showed explosive speed with big plays for long touchdowns. And Sean Smith belongs on the first team.

Former K-State and NBA great Mitch Richmond was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Congrats Mitch for a well-deserved honor after a great basketball career.


"One of the most telling stories was shared by George. He said when he was hitting instructor last year, there were two indoor cages, and he would be in one flipping balls and the assistant coach in the other. The young Royals hitters were lined up to hit in the cage with the assistant, and none to hit in George’s cage."

I find this story hard to believe. But, if true, the young Royals hitters are complete idiots.

"I decided to look up each team’s wRC+ and ERA-, to get a feel for team strength. While wRC+ isn’t a perfect proxy for runs scored, it’s park- and league-adjusted and does give a general idea of a team’s offense. As for ERA-, it tells how many earned runs the team allows, and adjusts to the park and league. This helps to account for team defense as well as the strength of a pitching staff. To properly weight the difficulty of each game, I simply calculated the average wRC+ and ERA- of each game remaining, rather than each opponent."


"Scott finished the night with two touchdown passes and 68 yards rushing. After literally seeing his guts, I’d think the kid deserves a roster spot somewhere."

Hmmmm….sorta reminds me of that old movie “The Replacements” where down-and-out QB Keanu Reeves’ character threw up on the field.

"Two plays from Fisher last night stand out.The first play you remember is the sack / fumble on Alex Smith. Fisher’s man drove him back and, along with Jeff Allen‘s man, helped collapse the pocket. The ball was knocked out and the Bengals recovered After the game, Alex Smith said he should have gotten the ball out quicker. I watched the replay and I would give both some blame on that one.The second play was a fun one. The Chiefs just posted video of Eric Fisher’s pancake block on a player some of you are familiar with: DE Wallace Gilberry."


"Richmond was inducted into the Hall of Fame after a successful 14-year career in the NBA and a memorable run at Kansas State. He averaged 21 points as a professional basketball player, playing so well with the Sacramento Kings that they retired his jersey. He also played for Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers."

There you have it KC fans—the news Around the Kingdom.

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