Fantasy Football Tight Ends: Top 10 You Should Target In 2014

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San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis (85) Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

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Fantasy Football Top 10’s by Position

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Today’s post will focus on some of the best fantasy football tight ends in professional football. It’s important that you know the difference between a great ‘tight end’ and a great ‘fantasy football tight end’.

In the NFL, tight ends serve multiple purposes and are some of the most versatile athletes on the field. Sure, often they go out on routes and have opportunities to catch and score. But more often than not, their primary job is to help other people score, whether that is run blocking, pass protection, or blocking down field for another receiver to score.

Therefore, it is important to pick a tight end that is in a system that gets him the ball. Teams like the Patriots use formations with multiple tight ends, and there’s a darn good chance one of them is getting the ball.

But how will you know who the best tight ends for your fantasy team are? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some hints and ideas.