KC Chiefs: Best Games to Attend in 2014, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Eight great games will be taking place at Arrowhead Stadium this season, but I said at the beginning that I would write this article as if I only planned to attend one game.

So what’ll it be, Leigh? Which game are you going to go to?

Well, my friends, after several hours of consideration (give or take a few), I have my decision. I keep a lot of things in mind when selecting my yearly Chiefs game to attend, and those include the opponent, ticket prices, and weather.

With these things in mind, I’ve settled on the Chiefs/Jets game on November 2nd. The Jets, while not a BAD team, aren’t good enough to beat the Chiefs in Kansas City. Tickets are fairly reasonable (the cheapest being $21 as of when I’m writing this) and the weather shouldn’t be too bad for early November.

Other close call choices for me:

– The New England Patriots game because it’s a Monday Night Football game and early on in the season. Cons against this game was the fact that it was against one of the toughest teams in the NFL.

– The Seattle Seahawks match-up on November 16th because the Kansas City Chiefs surely will attempt to steal back the world record for loudest outdoor stadium. Also because the Seahawks should make for a great game. A reason not to attend this game is due to the chilly weather and the fact that the Seahawks will probably pull this one out.

– The primetime televised game against the Denver Broncos on November 30th because it’s a Sunday night game. I’ve never been to a Chiefs regular season game that wasn’t at noon on a Sunday so I’d love to go to a night game. I’d also love to watch Peyton Manning play in person.

A reason not to go to this game is that the Broncos are a damn good team and they have a lot of fans here. Their fans might be hecklers and I have a short temper when it comes to annoying fans from opposing teams, which is not a good combination for me. Angry Leigh is not fun and I’d hate to unleash her on anyone, even if it is a Broncos fan.

So what do you think Chiefs Kingdom? Which game are you going to run out to this year? Leave your comments below, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook!