KC Chiefs: Best Games to Attend in 2014, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2014 season will officially be underway a week from Thursday, as the team will square off against the Cincinnati Bengals. As a long time fan of the KC Chiefs, I make it a point to go to at least one game every season. This season I’m a little stuck on which home game to attend.

I’ll write this post as if I’m only planning on going to one game (though that may not be the case). I’ll list the pros and cons, whether it be the ticket prices, weather, opposing team, or whatever the case may be with each game.

I previously covered the first four home games of the 2014 season, which you can check out here.

The two games I considered attending out of those games were the Patriots game and the Jets game, but I found myself leaning to purchasing a ticket to the Jets game. The opposing team, ticket prices, and weather possibilities all seemed to come together to make for an enjoyable Arrowhead experience.

Today we’ll take a look at the last four games in Kansas City, which include every division rival visiting Arrowhead Stadium along with the former World Champions.