Kansas City Chiefs: Who Takes The Reins If Alex Smith Leaves


With training camp now in session, fans and analysts everywhere are beginning to discuss every possible scenario for every position on all 32 NFL teams. The Kansas City Chiefs have several positions open for discussion when it comes to who will start, but one that isn’t being discussed at the moment is the quarterback position.

Everyone knows it’s a no-brainer that Alex Smith will be the Kansas City Chiefs’ starting quarterback this season. So you’re probably asking, why write this article then Leigh?

Well, my friends, let’s play a game called ‘Worst Case Scenario’. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

In this situation, the worst case scenario (on the offensive side) for the 2015 season would be if Smith didn’t sign an extension with the Chiefs. Obviously the team would more than likely put the franchise tag on him, but let’s pretend that part doesn’t exist (or that it’s already used on Justin Houston or someone else).

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  • Who would be the starter for this Chiefs squad in 2015 if Smith went elsewhere?

    Good question, right?

    Chase Daniel is the current back up (well, more than likely) and would be going into the final year of his three-year deal he signed in the 2013 offseason. Daniel is well liked in Kansas City, as he went to school at Missouri and had himself some pretty good years there.

    Missouri fans around these parts would be more than happy to have Daniel under center, but would the (by that point) seven-year veteran be ready for a starting job? Daniel’s only started one game in his five seasons in the pros and while he did a grand job in that one start, it hardly screams franchise quarterback.

    The other two guys behind Smith on the roster at the moment are Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray. Both are young and haven’t had much (if any) professional football experience.

    Bray went undrafted in 2013 and never saw the field during the regular season. He did, however, have himself a day against the Packers during a preseason game when he threw three touchdown passes in an impressive victory.

    The question that remains with Bray is… Well, there are a lot actually since we never got to see this kid in action during a regular season game.

    The one thing we continue to hear about Tyler Bray over and over again is that he apparently has a rocket launcher for an arm. Alex Smith was criticized constantly last season for not being able to throw long passes. Just saying.

    As for Aaron Murray, he was a tremendous quarterback at Georgia. No one really expected the Kansas City  Chiefs to select a quarterback in the draft this season, but I was excited when they took Murray. The kid has so much potential, and I’m stoked to see if it turns into anything in the pros.

    The bad part about Murray is he is coming off an ACL injury he sustained during his final season as a Bulldog. Had Murray not been injured, he probably would have been a first or second round pick in the draft.

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    So where does all of this lead us? Oh right, who would start if Alex Smith bolted for another team?

    Keep in mind that this hypothetical scenario wouldn’t take place until 2015 so one of these guys more than likely won’t be on the team by that point.

    With that said, my guess would be Aaron Murray. Obviously it would depend on what happens this year, but I think Murray was drafted with the slight chance that Smith decides not to remain in Kansas City. Murray then would be the quarterback for the Chiefs (assuming he’s ready).

    I’ve said this before and it wasn’t a popular opinion, but I don’t think Chase is starting quarterback material. Yes, he had one good game last season (and with back ups to throw to at that), but that’s one game. Could he do that every single game? Guess we won’t know until it happens (if it does happen).

    So let’s hear it Chiefs Kingdom, who would be the one to take the reins should Alex Smith sign with another team? Leave your comments below, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook!