Trade Rumors: Carlos Gonzalez Should Be Kansas City Royals Go For It Target


Carlos Gonzalez could be the long term impact bat the Kansas City Royals are searching for in right field. The Royals have been active in scouting right fielders around the majors, but none seem to be the significant player that could push the Royals into the playoffs.

Jim Bowden of ESPN, includes Carlos Gonzalez in his list of possible targets for the Royals.

"Right field targets: Alex Rios, Rangers; Dayan Viciedo, White Sox; Marlon Byrd, Mariners; Josh Willingham, Twins; Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies; Matt Kemp, Dodgers; Andre Ethier, Dodgers."

If the Kansas City Royals are as serious about making a run for their first playoff appearance since winning the World Series in 1985, going after Gonzalez hard would be ample proof.

Yes, Carlos Gonzalez is mired in the midst of the worst slump of his career. Patrick Saunders, of the Denver Post provides some nice insight to Gonzalez’ physical and mental state in this article on the Colorado Rockies and on Gonzalez himself.

"“I’m not the same player, not right now,” CarGo said. “Everybody knows that. Numbers don’t lie. My timing is not there. I am trying to make my body feel the way it used to, but it’s a process. I will make my adjustments, and my body will get back to the way it used to be. But right now, now it’s not. I’m just disappointed.”"

This sounds like a player in need of a change of scenery. Gonzalez is going though some personal stuff that is detailed in the article, and maybe a move to a team pushing for a postseason berth will be what he needs to get things going again.

The Royals should take that chance, if the Rockies are willing to listen.

Gonzalez is only 28 years old, but he has some physical issues as well.  He talked about them with Saunders.

"“I know my talent is still there,” he said. “I feel like I can hit for average again and steal bases again. But when your knees hurt and your fingers are messed up, it’s tough."

Nothing will get a player focused more than going from a team with the second worse record in baseball, to a team in the thick of a playoff race.

There is no doubt Gonzalez is struggling. His slash for this season is .250/.301/.439/.739. This is well below his career marks – .296/.353/.522/.875. He only has 9 home runs in 60 games this season, but he averaged 27 over the past 4 years.

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Carlos Gonzalez has about $3 million still coming to him in 2014. He is due $53 million over the next three years. He would be  a great piece to add to this puzzle, not only for this run, but through the 2017 season.

He could be the star the Royals so desperately need as a franchise. He is young; he is not done as a ball player. He just needs to get his head right. A playoff race would be just the thing.

The Kansas City Royals need to go for it. If they are not going to be sellers, they need to get serious about winning.

Acquiring a player of Gonzalez’ caliber would announce to the AL Central and all teams in the American League that the Royals are serious about winning, not only now, but in the coming seasons.

No, he is not right-handed, but he is a star player that could make the Royals contenders for the next few years.

Carlos Gonzalez is the guy. Now go after him. The time to reward your suffering base is right now!

Stay tuned for more trade rumors as the MLB Trade Deadline approaches.