Madden 15: Jamaal Charles Is The 2nd Highest Rated Running Back


Electronic Arts (EA) is set to release its newest version of Madden NFL 15 and Jamaal Charles rating was released this afternoon. The best selling franchise is releasing its 2015 edition in August and will feature Seattle Seahawks corner back, Richard Sherman on the front cover.

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I grew up playing Madden football with a passion. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house that had all the newest video game systems, and with those was always a copy of the newest Madden. So around this time every year, I become impatient and go searching to see what the Chiefs roster is going to look like.

So far, EA Sports has only released their top 10 rookies, top 5 quarterbacks, and today, their top 5 running backs.

That’s where we come in with Jamaal Charles, who has a ranking of 97, making him tied with Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy according to the popular video game. Here is what EA had to say on their website,

"Charles is now tied with Chris Johnson as the fastest HB in Madden 15 at 98 SPD. JC is also the second-ranked pass catcher for HB’s with 85 Catch. And I can’t forget to mention 99 Elusivness (first) and 99 ball carrier vision (first)."

Tons of love for the superstar running back and it’s well deserved. If you played Madden 25, his latest ranking on updated rosters is a 99 which last season you couldn’t question it. He only ranks behind Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson which most would agree, is the best running back in the NFL right now.

EA is releasing each rating in segments and has released a schedule. It looks like this,

July 24 – Top 5 Overall WRs/Top 5 Overall TEs

• July 25 – Top 5 Overall OL Players

• July 26 – Top 5 Overall DEs

• July 27 – Top 5 Overall DTs

• July 28 – Top 5 Overall LBs

• July 29 – Top 5 Overall CBs

• July 30 – Top 5 Overall Safeties

• July 31 – Top 5 Overall Special Teams

• Aug. 1 – Top 10 Overall Players/ Full AFC and NFC North Ratings

• Aug. 2 – Full AFC and NFC South Ratings

• Aug. 3 – Full AFC and NFC East Ratings

• Aug. 4 – Full AFC and NFC West Ratings

• Aug. 5 – Ratings Recap

We likely won’t be seeing anymore Chiefs in the ratings until they get linebackers, possibly defensive tackles and safeties. I’m interested to see the Chiefs overall team rating, as they finished as an 87 overall in last years game, making them one of the best teams to play with.

Also, Chiefs Fullback, Anthony Sherman’s ranking was released as well. He’s third highest with a rating of 90. Pretty good for the OL’ Shermanator.

For our Madden connoisseurs out there, this is an exciting time of the year and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as EA releases more info about the game.