Could A.J. Pierzynski Be The Back-up Catcher To Salvador Perez


A.J. Pierzynski is one of my least favorite players in the major leagues. For years, he has ticked me off as the starting catcher for the divisional rival Chicago White Sox with his fierce competitiveness.

Would I still hate him if he played for the Kansas City Royals?

It is no secret the Royals have a gigantic void at back-up catcher. Nothing personal against Bret Hayes, but he just isn’t very good. He has a whopping 4 hits and 1 walk in 40 plate appearances this season.

He has only thrown out one of six base stealers. Surely the Royals can do better than this.

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On Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox designated Pierzynski for assignment. They have 10 days to trade him; if that can’t be done, then he will be released.

Really, Pierzynski hasn’t been totally awful this season, despite being 37 years old. His slash for the Red Sox is .254/.286/.320/.633 with 4 home runs and 31 RBI, blowing away anything Hayes has done for Kansas City.

Pierzynski has always been an unpleasant thorn in the Royals’ rear end. He has battered Kansas City over the years with a slash against the Royals that proves it – .315/.350/.451/.801, with 14 homers and 77 RBI in 180 games.

He has crushed the Royals in Kauffman over the years – .341/.372/.475/847, with 5 home runs and 36 RBI in 88 games. Of course, most of that damage was done while he was in his prime.

He has always been a fiery competitor – the kind of guy you hate when he plays against you but love if he is wearing your team’s uniform. He could be the perfect guy to give Salvador Perez some rest during the dog days of summer.

Perez is playing too much because there is such a drop of defensively and offensively when he is not in the game. Adding Pierzynski to the roster would allow Perez to take some afternoons off, or at the very least, start at DH if Billy Butler does not pick up his production.

So, what would it cost to acquire A.J. Pierzynski? He is still owed about $4 million for the rest of this season. Anyone who signs him once he is released will only have to pay the pro-rated minimum and Boston would have to pay the rest.

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  • The problem with that is the Royals probably won’t be the only team interested in his services.

    The best bet would be for the Royals to make a trade for the 37-year old catcher. In truth, it shouldn’t cost much – maybe a low level minor leaguer. The Red Sox are going to have to eat more $3 to $4 million in salary no matter what, so if the Royals kicked in a little cash, this deal could be done.

    Quite frankly, the Royals need to be proactive here. If Pierzynski can handle being a back-up (no guarantee), and at his age, he should be ready to accept that role, his presence on this team could be the spark that really gets the Royals rolling in the right direction.

    Brett Hayes just isn’t the answer, and the Kansas City Royals need to find someone to give Perez some days off in the heat of the summer. Pierzynski is the answer. Now Dayton Moore has to go get him.

    Maybe I will like A.J. Pierzynski more if he is wearing a Royals’ uniform.