KC Chiefs: A Look Back At Priest Holmes (Video)


The KC Chiefs have had some amazing athlete’s through the years and one who sticks out most is running back, Priest Holmes. With us only being weeks away from training camp and this being a dead time, I’m fiendn’ for some Chiefs football and went digging for some highlights

Today, I wanted to do a little remembrance for Priest with a highlight video and share a couple of moments that really stick out in my head. Priest was arguably one of the best free agent signings ever, and put together two of the most successful back-to-back seasons in NFL history.

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In 2002, he rushed for a career high, 1,615 yards and 21 touchdowns, followed by 1,420 yards and 27 touchdowns (the NFL record at the time) in 2003. There is no denying that he had some of the greatest offensive lineman, the greatest tight end, and the greatest fullback of all time to help lead the way. Still, Priest had such good speed, vision and will to get into the end zone.

I just remember the toss and sweep plays. It was like watching art; Priest catches the toss, Tony Richardson leads the way with Will Shields, Willie Roaf, and even Casey Weigman getting to the edge. Priest would patiently set up his blocks, find his crease and BOOM (Madden voice) he would strike with strength and speed.

I particular remember the play where he broke the NFL record against the Chicago Bears. Just like any other sweep play in the endzone, Priest was paved a wide open crease and danced his way into the record books. What a special moment, for me anyways, to have witnessed.

Priest was the man and it was sad to see his career end by injury. He suffered a terrible neck injury after being hit by former Chargers linebacker, Shawn Merriman, with his stupid lights out dance. Get out of here you clown, I’m so glad his career fell off with the Chargers and Bills.

Anyway, back to Priest Holmes. Enjoy these highlights Chiefs fans, as were only 17 days away from the start of training camp. “CAN’T WAIT” *Bart Scott Voice*