How Many All-Stars For Kansas City Royals?

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Mark Redman? What about Ken Harvey? In the dark ages of Royals baseball, which we’re not all that far removed from, the player chosen to represent Kansas City in the midsummer classic was often chosen on the shoulders of a bad rule rather than the merit of their play.

The same can’t be said anymore.

For baseball’s sake, we can all hope that the days of the Kansas City Royals having to send guys like Redman and Harvey to the All Star Game are gone. Last year, three Royals were selected to participate, Greg Holland, Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez. This year, arguments can easily be made for those three, and for two others to make the team. That’s not to say Boston manager John Ferrell will choose more than one or two, regardless of how deserving they are. That’s just the way things are when you’re the Royals.

It’s been 14 years since a Kansas City player was voted into the All-Star Game, Jermaine Dye in 2000, and there certainly won’t be anyone voted in this season. If the voting system had any merit, which we all realize it doesn’t, Gordon and Perez would sit atop the standings in the voting at their respective position. They don’t obviously, as Gordon isn’t in the top 15 of American League outfielders, and Perez isn’t in the top five for catchers.

The All Star selection show is Sunday afternoon, and with no Royals player on the leaderboard at any position, we will have to rely on the decisions of Ferrell for whom will represent the Royals in Minneapolis on July 15th.

So how many All-Stars will the Kansas City Royals get? Who deserves the trip and which Royals player will get snubbed? Let’s take a look at the candidates and handicap their odds at making the trip north.